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CHRISTMAS!!!!! November 28, 2009

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Hey guys! It Christmas in, like 4 weeks!

I cannot wait! Can you?

Well, heres a pic of me.

Me at 4 days old!

One last thing before ya go! Have you started to put up CHRISTMAS decorations up? Tell me if you have and COMMENT!





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Help! Get me outta here!

Like I’m soo busy! Hey-have you heard Fight for this love by Cheryl Cole and Bad Romance by Lady Gaga? If ya haven’t, GET LISTENING! And PLEASE comment! PLZ PLZ PLZ!

Thx!(Make sure Priyanka Sahota does!)


Vampires! :P November 18, 2009

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Heya! Vampires are SOOO COOOL! My sis has a story on Wattpad-so be sure to check it out! Heres the web name:


If you like VAMPIRES, then comment and I’ll be sure to read them!



Hello world!

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Welcome to my blog! My name is Sophia and I am ataerublue’s little sister-but don’t think I’m BORING! I love art and I ADORE writing! If you wanna publish your own book, go to: http://writers.scholastic.co.uk Copy an paste it-then register. BEWARE! You’ll need 47 chapters to be able to publish it-so it’s a good idea to work in a group. I play the Violin and Piano and I like singing(although I’m not very good!). I think that’s about it-if you want to ask me any QUESTIONS, be sure to comment!