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Hannibal Rising(film review) December 11, 2009

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Hey guys! I recently watched a film(well, about a month and a half ago!) called Hannibal rising. The plot……Hannibal Lecter is an 8 yr old and he has a little sister called Mischa. It’s war time and they escape to their hunting lodge. The SS commander orders them to kill the Lecters’ Jewish cook who was left behind, to which they gleefully comply.

A Soviet tank stops at the Lecters’ lodge looking for water, and forces everyone out of the house. However, the tank is then spotted by a German Stuka bomber, which sparks a firefight. The bomber is shot down by the tank, but subsequently crashes into it and the ensuing explosion kills everyone, except Hannibal and Mischa.

The SS militiamen then loot Lecter Castle. Seeing their wounded SS commander, Grutas shoots him and takes his Iron Cross. However, the impending Russian advance forces them to hide out in the woods where they locate the Lecter lodge. The SS militiamen storm and take over the lodge. Finding no other food in the bitterly cold Baltic winter, the men look menacingly at Hannibal and Mischa.

Hannibal Rising(2007 film)

Well I won’t tell you any more, so go to Wikipedia or IMBD to find out.

Hope you enjoy it! SOPHIA


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