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My Space March 27, 2011

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Y’all, hows you? I officially have My Space, and I totally am friends with Justin DREW Bieber! I am gonna call my hamster Drew. Like it? I do!


Born in Stratford, Ontario population of 32, 000

Mentor is Usher

Found on youtube with the name “kidrauhl” supposedly Kid rule…

I know much more, but i  don’t really have time, or space, otherwise my whole page would say things about JB!

Not much left to say, really. Hena Sahonte, you better write a comment. Sophia Xia



Homework Haze March 12, 2011

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My homework was so hard this week! Well, I have got my SATs coming up, but still! Here is my summary of the homework. You may have done it before.

Today, I tried to work out a silent puzzle. At first, it was very difficult, for me. I started off looking on Google, but the results weren’t very good. I first typed in ”what different types of antelope are there that starts with G?” That didn’t help much. So I typed I “What different types of antelope are there?” It had a whole list of antelope names. Gnu! I had found it. I carried on typing those kinds of questions in.

But, disaster, I couldn’t find any more. I asked my dad to come and help me, and he typed into Google,  “Words with silent p/b” That helped a lot. But when I typed in “flying reptile”, it only came up with 3 types. Pterosaur, petrosauria, and pterodactyloidea. I put petrosauria, as it had 11 letters. Then, my dad typed in “words with silent p” and CLICK that was my answer. PTERODACTYL. My answer! I had completed it!

Next time I do this, I will use this method. It helped me a lot.

Silent Puzzle: A puzzle like a crossword, but you have to work out where the words go.

Hope you found it helpful!