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Drama drama drama Korean drama drama drama Korean….. February 9, 2012

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SO…. Hi everyone! BACK INTO You’re Beautiful! At first, I thought it was quite incest? But now… I realise again that I was wrong. It leaves so many heartbroken hearts! And there are so many awkward moments…. GO MI NAM! GO MI NAM! A.N.JELL! A.N.JELL! JEREMY! JEREMY! YAY! And don’t forget the very strange and awkward MANAGER MA! Ya! Don’t have much time to watch though, because I have a stupid History Essay I haven’t finished.
I also love Dream High! I will have a post on Dream High with more info for you! The main plot is Hye Mi is accepted into Kirin Art School even though she failed the audition. The rest… I’ll let you see for yourself!!!
Thanks for reading x
Song of the Post – 드림하이 – Dream High cast


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