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Update on Holiday! July 26, 2012

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So, as you may know, I am on holiday in Swansea! Today I went to the Worms Head in Rhossili. It’s quite popular and the beach is really nice! I went wave swimming (hehe) and it was so nice…

The water got cold after a bit, and I got quite tanned. My skin just doesn’t burn… It tans and goes really dark!
There was a super big wave that engulfed me completely and filled my ears and nose and mouth with salty water! I needed the loo but the thought of swimming in your own wee was just too much for me even though the fishes wee all the time!
Near the top of the Worms Head, I managed to catch some seals! They were really cute and this photo is really bad quality, but look at it anyway!

That’s it for now, I’m super tired! I guess it’s night time for me…
Anyone excited about the Olympic Ceremony on Friday?? It’s just going to be great!!
See you for now, and keep enjoying the nice weather, because knowing England, it’ll disappear somewhere soon!
Song of the Post: Chiisana Inori by [Fruits Basket] (Ending theme for Fruits Basket)


Swansea! July 24, 2012

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Bonjour mon ami!
Okay that’s French, and I’m in Swansea! Anyway, I’m on holiday at the moment, enjoying the awesome sun! I’m trying to enjoy the outside, but my mum is cooping me up inside… Luckily I have BT Openzone here so I can sort of go on the Internet, and blog! Unfortunately, the videos on YouTube etc. are really slow loading as stop playing every like 10 seconds! But I can download mangas and stuff. How are your holidays going?
I started a new story, which is a Vampire Knight fan fiction. It’s on Wattpad, and it’s called Senri Shiki, My Forbidden Vampire Knight. Hope you have time to read it!
So I’m off now, but make the most of this nice weather because it probably won’t last long!!
Here are some pictures I have to share!!


Song of the Post – Don’t Think. Feel! By Koutapai (it’s one of the Fairy Tail endings!)


Absolute Boyfriend!

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Heya, long time no see! I have recently finished reading Absolute Boyfriend, a manga by Yuu Watase. I read it in 2 days!! I’ll give you a quick summary!
Riiko is 16, and keeps getting rejected by boys. Her next door neighbour
is called Soushi, and her parents usually work overseas so she lives on her own. One day, after returning a mobile phone to a strange cosplay guy, he gives her a website. There she can buy a figure, and have a free trial for 3 days. Thinking of it as a joke, she orders one… And receives a really good looking guy who claims to be her boyfriend!! Kya!!~
I really enjoyed reading this manga, and there’s also a Taiwan adaptation tv series which has 13 episodes. Apparently, there’s going to be a South Korean drama too!! Ooh, I can’t wait!
So, read Zettai Kareshi today!!!
Song of the Post – Someone Like You by Jung Il Woo (not by Adele!!)



Hey! If you’re bored out of your minds this Summer holiday then why not watch some anime? The first ever anime I watched was Cardcaptors, and that was with my sister. But now… after Korean drama I am now into OURAN HIGHSCHOOL HOST CLUB!There are so many amazing animes, including OHSHC, Shugo Chara, Fairy Tail, Itazura na Kiss, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Mermaid Melody, Death Note, Fruits Basket, and Vampire Knight.Those are the ones that I have watched! I seriously recommend them… so please check them out!

Meanwhile, I have uploaded more Wattpad stuff, because it is now my holidays! HOORAY! I am looking forward to a relaxing 7 weeks…
Here is a GIF of Honey from OHSHC!
Song of the Post: BOUNCE by JJ Project