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Swansea! July 24, 2012

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Bonjour mon ami!
Okay that’s French, and I’m in Swansea! Anyway, I’m on holiday at the moment, enjoying the awesome sun! I’m trying to enjoy the outside, but my mum is cooping me up inside… Luckily I have BT Openzone here so I can sort of go on the Internet, and blog! Unfortunately, the videos on YouTube etc. are really slow loading as stop playing every like 10 seconds! But I can download mangas and stuff. How are your holidays going?
I started a new story, which is a Vampire Knight fan fiction. It’s on Wattpad, and it’s called Senri Shiki, My Forbidden Vampire Knight. Hope you have time to read it!
So I’m off now, but make the most of this nice weather because it probably won’t last long!!
Here are some pictures I have to share!!


Song of the Post – Don’t Think. Feel! By Koutapai (it’s one of the Fairy Tail endings!)


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