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Update on Holiday! July 26, 2012

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So, as you may know, I am on holiday in Swansea! Today I went to the Worms Head in Rhossili. It’s quite popular and the beach is really nice! I went wave swimming (hehe) and it was so nice…

The water got cold after a bit, and I got quite tanned. My skin just doesn’t burn… It tans and goes really dark!
There was a super big wave that engulfed me completely and filled my ears and nose and mouth with salty water! I needed the loo but the thought of swimming in your own wee was just too much for me even though the fishes wee all the time!
Near the top of the Worms Head, I managed to catch some seals! They were really cute and this photo is really bad quality, but look at it anyway!

That’s it for now, I’m super tired! I guess it’s night time for me…
Anyone excited about the Olympic Ceremony on Friday?? It’s just going to be great!!
See you for now, and keep enjoying the nice weather, because knowing England, it’ll disappear somewhere soon!
Song of the Post: Chiisana Inori by [Fruits Basket] (Ending theme for Fruits Basket)


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