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Ailee – I’ll Show You October 17, 2012

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Long time no see.. Hope you are doing well!
Ailee comes back with an awesome, catchy song called I’ll Show You, featuring the HAWTTT G.O from MBLAQ! It’s very upbeat and pretty addictive… #^_^#
After her first single Heaven (which is also AMAZING) she releases her first mini album called Invitation! I want to buy it but I really have no money at all… Plus my mum wouldn’t let me! She’ll say:
“Spend more time studying, not playing on your iPod and listening to useless music!”
I feel offended now. Poor Ailee.
So since Ailee has shown us her amazing dancing skills in Dream High 2, she decided to dance in this video, IN HEELS AND A TUBE DRESS WHICH BARELY COVERS HER BUTT! She’s so pretty but it’s kinda obvious she’s trying to impress the guys! Next thing we know she’ll be dating G.O… I hope so! Who thinks they’ll make a good couple?
Meanwhile, escaping the k-pop scene, I have been writing! In the process for updating chapter 20 =O of Absolute Star!! Maybe 10 more chapters to go! Who knows, only my hands will tell.
Here is a picture of Ailee working in progress!

Hope you enjoyed reading!
Song of the Post – (Mogen) Loop by Heidi (ending 2 of Kaichou wa Maid-sama
But listen to I’ll Show You as well! Then you’ll be showing everyone else! Lol.


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