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Teach Me How to Love, Mr Baker December 2, 2012

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Hey peeps! It’s been a while, hey? I’m down with a horribly runny nose đŸ˜¦ but I’m definitely in the Christmas mood! 24 days ^_~
My main purpose of this post was to tell peeps about my new story which I will hopefully start writing in the new year. The title is ^ up there… And here’s a character picture with cast below!

Gillian Zinzer as Emma Hughes
Robert Pattinson as Alex Carter
Jennifer Love Hewitt as Alice Hughes
Matt Lanter as Nathan Hughes
Alex Pettyfer as Ollie Carter
Catherine o’Hara as Emma’s mum
Matt Bomer as Alice’s husband
Want the plot???
Emma’s childhood friends Alex and Ollie move back in next door after leaving to England for 10 years. Alex is 5 years older than Emma, Ollie is the same age. Just as Emma begins to fall for Alex again, they start the new semester with Alex as her form tutor!!! But Ollie also likes Emma… And chaos sparks when he finds out she and his brother has been kissing whilst he’s sleeping!
Background info:
Emma: 16 years old, 161cm, blonde, hazel blue eyes, loves fire, karate, and summer. Her dad died shortly after a divorce whilst trying to protect her from a falling log.
Alex: 22, 180cm, light brunette, brown eyes, loves English, and poems. Emma used to cling to him a lot when he was still around. He moved to England when he was 12.
Ollie: 16, 172cm, dirty blonde, brown eyes, loves baseball, karate and geography. He heard that Emma started karate so he did too. He used to be quite wimpy, and moved to England when he was 7 with Alex.
Alice: 30, 165, blonde, hazel blue eyes, loves being a nurse, medicine, and helping people. Emma’s sister, 14 years apart. Married to James Grant and has a three year old daughter called Sylvia.
Nathan: 26, 176, light brown, light brown eyes, loves football, Man Utd, being a designer. Has a girlfriend called Millie, they are engaged.
Below: Emma and Nathan

Thanks for reading, look forward to the story on Wattpad soon!
Song of the Post – Kiss~Kaerimichi no Love Song by (??) (Lovely Complex ending 1)


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