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Running Man! June 2, 2013

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It’s been a while, my lovely minions. I am happy to declare that it is officially summer! Well starting yesterday… But at least the weather is good! Another announcement is that my Senri Shiki fanfic has passed 10,000 reads, and the sequel is work in progress. I haven’t got round to my Mr Carter, but I will one day!
The main topic today is ……….
Running Man!!
I started it recently after watching Family Outing and it is so funny and addictive! It’s a shame there aren’t these kind of shows in America or Britain…
My favourite person is probably Kim Jong Kook. He’s handsome and strong, and his voice is so angelic… Second to him is Gary, then Kwangsoo (oh how he cracks me up!), Jaesuk, Joongki and it goes on. I’m only on episode 37 though! I also love Haha and his little boy plush. It’s so cute >___<
I've been watching it on Dailymotion and might I just say that iSubs is the best subbing group I have ever heard of! Apart from Dattebayo that is.
Meanwhile, I am watching Naruto Shippuden (currently on episode 90) and can you believe it??? Vampire Knight has ended! Well I guess it was a good place to stop. I was getting quite confused about what was happening, but I'm glad Hino Matsuri drew it and it became a part of my life! I might be going to Japan in the summer holidays, depending on my sister. If I do go I will come back with a hoard of books I can't read!
I hope you are all doing well with your exams and stuff. Enjoy the weather while it lasts! Here's a picture of the Running Man cast and a piece of fan art below.


That’s all from me! We have been reunited after a long time…
Song of The Post – One Man by Kim Kong Kook ❤
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