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Copic Markers! June 3, 2013

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Hello there!
My most recent discovery is…..
Copic markers!
Despite their expense, they are super high quality and perfect (in my case) for drawing and colouring in manga. At the moment, they are £3.25 from where I bought them (Broad canvas) which is more than I expected but I still bought one.
I got E00 which is skin white. The tone is so beautiful!! I love the pen so much I couldn’t stop using it. Here’s a picture of the set from amazon and a picture of what they look like after being used:



That one above is my Copic Ciao marker. As said, I am in love with it! The middle picture is a random girl I drew, probably based on myself. I own that tshirt!
I haven’t bought any other colours yet because a) I don’t have enough money and b) I can’t choose the colours! I have asked my dad to get me some main colours. Here is the link for the colour chart!
Copic Ciao Colour Chart
Thanks for reading! I hope this was informative ^_~
Song of The Post – Platinum by Maaya Sakamoto
And here’s a shoutout for my darling friend, Shoolie! Check out her blog – zulekha71.wordpress.com – and just to let you know, she LOVES unicorns.


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