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2014! January 7, 2014

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Happy New Year, everyone! What a year 2013 was. Certainly in terms of anime… 😀
I wanted to blog to commemorate the end of my Senri Shiki ‘series’ on Wattpad. I say ‘series’ because it’s only really two books and they’re both so short that they’d be perfectly fine as one book. Lol. I am happy with their stats, despite the fact that the first chapters have loads of reads but all the others don’t… ^^’ I haven’t been drawing lately but all the same, I love it. Also I haven’t been very active on Instagram but that’s fine, I don’t use it very much anyway. I’m starting a new story about twins who go to private sister schools but are separated at the gates and end up going to each other’s schools (the twins are boy and girl, so they have to become the opposite gender). I’ve started doing some drawings for them, hopefully they’ll be on Instagram (!) Anime wise, I am currently watching Naruto Shippuden, Reborn, Gintama and Pokemon Advanced.
I know this is mainly just a short post about stories on Wattpad, but I hope you have made resolutions and are doing well so far this year!
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