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For Better, For Worse April 13, 2014

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For Better, For Worse

Long time no see 🙂
I’ll be posting 2 posts today, one about this new story and one about my trip to Nepal! Please enjoy both 🙂

Here we are then: For Better, For Worse

This is my most recent story, about a girl who moved to the US to get plastic surgery at the age of 13, returning to Japan at 16 to model. But she ends up going to school in Japan, and meets the childhood friend she had lost contact with. The two always spoke of marriage when they were younger, but now they can’t even look each other in the eye. Will their relationship blossom? Or will they never be friends?

I thought of this story some time last year. I wanted to set a story in Japan without it being anime related. And since it’s my most recent work, the writing is of my current standard. Not immature or silly, but what I am now. I really enjoy writing this story, and like with every story I start, I think it will be the best.

Those of you looking for a sneak preview before actually reading it, here you go!

(Just to say, I don’t know how to work this ’embed’ thing. So please stick with the link!)


Song of the Post ~ Bye Bye by 7!! Seven Oops




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