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Stardoll…! May 28, 2014

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I recently got back into playing Stardoll! It’s long been my childhood favourite, but now I’m serious about it. My Stardoll is based on Tsubaki Kuroda from Searching for Senri Shiki and OMG it made me want to write Senri Shiki again! Unfortunately, it’s finished for good, and all I can do now is write a fan fiction for Sayori and Kojiro… Ah well. Here’s a link to Stardoll, even though you can search it up on Google!

<a href=”http://www.stardoll.com/en/&#8221; target=”_blank”>dress up dolls</a>

When I was younger I don’t think they had the option to have a MeDoll, and I often just spent time dressing up celebrities. Now I am serious about making a nice suite that is completely based on Searching for Senri Shiki. I might even make a Stardoll account for Senri Shiki! But actually, they don’t have maroon coloured hair, or nonchalant faces… Maybe I should stick to girls…

I would include a photo here, but I’m kinda in a rush. I’m on half-term, but I’m still busy busy busy! Piano and violin grade 8 exams are coming up, and my final Mandarin GCSE is just round the corner. I will work hard~ ganbarimasu!


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Updated ‘For Better, For Worse’ May 24, 2014


It’s almost summer… yay! That means writing, writing and more writing for me. I need to make up for all the time lost due to school and homework… so expect some cool stuff coming your way! As it’s reaching summer, I realise how quickly time goes by. Soon enough, it’ll be Christmas… then 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018… And in a few decades time, I’ll probably have a job and a boyfriend. Sorry, emotional moment there.

Back on topic, I made some relatively cool things to go with ‘For Better, For Worse’, my recent work. If you haven’t checked it out, go ahead! I’m not sure if you’ll like it 😛 But I enjoy writing it, that’s for sure. Here are some photos!Image


The first picture isn’t a cover – no, I wouldn’t make the cover like that – but it has the three main characters! And the one just above was a publisher document which I cleverly saved as a JPEG 😀 I was so happy when it worked, haha 😀 So as you can see, I included some of my drawings along with the celebrities. I have no idea how I found Meisa Kuroki, but she’s awesome!!

I recently had exams and I didn’t do too badly – the thing is, everything got over 80 except for maths, which scraped off a 64%… terrible of me… I’m sort of happy but I need to patch up my maths before GCSE! I also had Mandarin GCSE speaking and listening, and my reading/writing will be in the beginning of June. Scary…

That’s all for today! Anime is doing well, I started ‘The World is Still Beautiful’ which is amazing, might I just say. And a creepyish J-drama called ‘I’m Mita, your Housekeeper’. Fun times…

See you next time, whenever that may be!


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Senri Shiki ~ 30,000!!! May 2, 2014

Hi all!
Oh my god, my Vampire Knight fanfiction reached 30,000 reads recently, and when I saw I flipped! I know it’s not as popular as probably half the stories on Wattpad, but for me that’s awesome. When I first joined Wattpad, pretty much no one liked me stories. Then I started watching anime and my life turned around…

You see I don’t know if you guys like my writing, or the storyline – or both. Still, it’s amazing to be liked by so many people. When I reached 100 fans, I was pretty amazed too. But I guess this is the turning point of my life. Let’s keep waiting for new chapters and new fanfictions. I would really like to finish some stories first, but I guess that won’t be happening.

On the topic of anime, I am currently halfway through Kimi to Boku 2. It’s so awesome. I honestly don’t want it to end! And I’ve started the huge war arc of Naruto. I will be occupied for quite some time! Also, in an episode of Naruto Shippuden… 250-260ish… was the Peace Viaduct episode and MY GOD I cried so much! Spoiler alert… When Konan died, I wasn’t incredibly sad because I never really took notice of her. But then they showed their younger selves, when everything was happy and Jiraiya was still there, in his frog suit… and the bit that triggered my 20 minute cry was when Konan’s blood-stained paper flies to the house they used to live in and sticks to her wooden block. And the others were all red and I was like THEY’RE FINALLY TOGETHER… after so much hardship… oh~~~ here I go again… 😥

That leaves us there for now. I’ll be back with some random update, meanwhile go ahead and check out my stories on Wattpad 😉 http://www.wattpad.com/user/Senserstarshine


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