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40,000 Reads!! August 28, 2014

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Hey peeps!

It’s been a while, as usual. I have been up to no good again, and have entered a new fandom!

The 5SOS fandom…! 

It started not long ago, but I am already 100% obsessed  in their music, their Keeks, and of course – the people. I think they are all so talented – c’mon, they play instruments!! And I know, loads of people play instruments in the music industry, but I really admire these four young men. In less than a month, I have accumulated a poster… a cd… drawings… music… and I have started two fanfictions – which I will not post on Wattpad – at least not till I think they’re somewhat good.

But this leads on nicely to the main point of this post – I have reached 40,000 reads on SSMFVK! It’s such a surprise for me – I recall last July, I had around 13,000 reads, 190 votes and 68 comments – then you compare that to the stats now – 40,000 reads, 600 votes and 100 comments! I wonder what has made it grow so much in the past year? Maybe anime had a growth spurt, which led to more people wanting to read fanfics…. which led to me getting 40,000 reads…

I must say, I feel rather guilty, because as soon as I started liking 5 Seconds of Summer, I gave up on the anime scene. I literally have not watched an episode since early July… I do want to go back to anime, but now I realised how much time it uses up – and how much I want to watch 5SOS instead. Maybe when I go back to school, it will change. You never know. Maybe my love for 5SOS will die down, and I will go back to anime!

I have pre-ordered 5SOS’s book, which I am very happy about. It won’t arrive till October, but even so, I am glad that I have determined its delivery. ^o^ I wonder if anyone wants to see my drawings… well, they’re not masterpieces, they’re just half-heartedly drawn pictures that fill up space on my wall. I don’t like seeing empty walls. 

And one more thing, I have entered the competition to win tickets for the iTunes Festival, to see 5SOS. It’s highly unlikely that I will win – the Roundhouse can only seat around 3,300. Think about how many tens of thousands of fans want those tickets! If I win, I will be the happiest girl alive. C’mon, I already have the journey all planned out. I can’t do anything else to boost my chances, but just hope, wish and pray!

Thanks for reading this post, hope you enjoyed it! And if you have time, do check out my Wattpad – http://www.wattpad.com/user/Senserstarshine – and YouTube, if you like! – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMv6S-qVZL-_Rz-zRN3t-8A – Thank you!


Song of the Post ~ Hearts Upon Our Sleeve by 5 Seconds of Summer and Scott Mills