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New Year’s Update :) January 31, 2015

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So I know it’s basically already February but I’m terrible at posting blogs on time so bear with me!

Happy new year! Hope you’re finding 2015 good, I certainly am.

Well to be completely honest… I’m not that happy right now.  This morning I had a low moment when I was like ‘no one really likes me do they?’ and ‘I need to stop wasting time’ and ‘I JUST WANNA BE A DOCTOR, WHY DO I HAVE TO SUFFER SO MANY HARDSHIPS TO GET THERE?!’.


Ah well. I feel slightly better after having a violin lesson. Teared up when I entered my teacher’s house, it made me feel warm and safe and slightly nostalgic. Everyday is basically the same for me now. But yesterday I had a hard time at my piano teacher’s house. She made me  play the same parts again and again and blamed me for everything just cause she was ill. There was a section full of octaves and I have small hands, tiny muscles! It was so painful. She has no mercy >:/

I bought tickets to a band this morning, there’re coming to my local O2 Academy and the tickets were cheap so I was like WHY THE HECK NOT? I know shit about this band but I’m gonna at least make sure I can sing along to their songs! I also listened to FOB’s new album, which is amazingly catchy and enticing… can’t stop listening to The Kids Aren’t Alright. It’s been on replay throughout my low moments. Cause I’m a kid and I’m not alright!

I went to the library today, hoping to meet a friend. But they didn’t turn up, and I don’t know what it was. Maybe they were ill, maybe they were in hospital but it must’ve been something big cause they didn’t reply to any of my messages on Facebook, Kik, or phone! I was confused but did what I do best. Study…

It’s been a very long time since I watched Running Man but I watched a couple of episodes recently. They are so long, so I feel like I’m giving up too much for it. Meanwhile, SSMFVK is almost at 1K votes!!! This is very exciting for me. To think that when I started the story, I forgot so many times what Senri’s name was. To think that when I started the story, I was a naive teen who was trying to be a cool kid on the internet. Well now, I’m not trying to do anything – hell, I don’t even watch anime anymore, but people are enjoying it. And that makes me happy! (temporarily.)

I’m spending way too much money. I need to stop. SOMEONE STOP ME.

So there, I’ve blurted out all of my feelings. But I still have the burning urgency to talk to someone. I need to tell someone all my feelings, rant on about everything to them. Since there’s no one like that around, I guess I’ll be holding it in till I explode. It’s probably gonna happen some time soon, so someone! Talk to me! I don’t wanna be another social casualty LADADA LADADA DA DA

I’m gonna go back to writing cake and earning giftcards by doing surveys. It’s pretty fun. (despite the fact that I have an English essay due in four days and I haven’t even started.)



Song of the Post ~ The Kids Aren’t Alright by FOB

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