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1st September Nails! September 1, 2012

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Hey peeps, happy 1st of September! I decided to decorate my nails for fun, check them out!

Sorry for the quality, my iPod camera is absolute shiiiiiitee! How about I tell you what I did??
Well first I used a light pink for a kind of base except something happened to my pink and it turned out a bit like a gold…

I’m not sure where they’re from because I got it for my birthday ^_^’ but they do come with a bottom section which contains gems but I didn’t use them. So after applying the base leave them to dry!
Now use the nail pen at the top:

(Again sorry for the quality!!)
And do any design you want. I did a love heart, stripes, a swirl, a music note and a lightning strike. You can use any colour you like but I decided to stick with just pink! It takes a while to dry because it’s pretty thick but once it is dry you might want to put a top coat over it. Whilst waiting you could read or do whatever but just make sure you remember it’s still wet… I’ve made that mistake way too many times…
And onto the topic of school! Some of you may already have started but I start of the 5th. Exciting or what? But I’ll be waking up at 7 every morning… That might be some trouble! But make sure you’re healthy! I really recommend this face cream:

For those of you who can’t see what it says, its a Nivea visage day cream which is for normal skin. It has aloe vera and argan oil which is a source of vitamin e. It also smells really nice!
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Song of the Post – Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift, yes from the Hunger Games!
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Etude House Dress Room March 1, 2012

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Hey! This is a review on Dress Room by Etude House.
Dress Room Sweet Look is a really (chin-cha!) nice body wash and lotion! The smell is really fragrant, and fruity. It really smooths the skin, and makes it smell SOOOOOO nice! I really sarang it! It is pretty expensive, but I’m not surprised! It is Korean, and from Etude House. Here is a picture of it.

Do get some samples off ebay! They are £2.50 for 4 samples. Quite a good deal I think! I might try buying them, but I will never get past my mum!