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Hot Young Bloods [Review] January 5, 2016

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I now present… another review! Yippee…!


This one is called Hot Young Bloods and it’s a Korean romantic comedy (the best genre!) film set in the 1980s. I found it special because it’s not just your typical high school film; well it kinda is, but there’s history involved too. It revolves around delinquency and love, and touching other people’s girlfriends. A lotta testosterone in these guys, I’m telling you.

The cast includes:

Lee Jong Suk (my favourite!) – previously in Pinocchio, Doctor Stranger, I Can Hear Your Voice

Park Bo Young – previously in Werewolf Boy, Oh My Ghostess

Kim Young Kwang – previously in Pinocchio, D-Day

Lee Se Young – previously in Adolescence Medley, Horror Stories 2

I haven’t included many spoilers, so it’s a little bit brief.

The main plot: Yeongsook is a feared leader of a female gang, and supposed girlfriend of Kwangsik, who is the feared leader of the male gang at a rival school. Although Yeongsook acts very tough, she actually has a crush on the school playboy, Joonggil, but he’s pursuing a transfer student who isn’t actually who she appears to be. Joonggil is afraid of Kwangsik, so doesn’t pursue Yeongsook, but still often gets beaten up by him.

The film teaches us about relationships and feelings; but mainly it’s just fun to watch. I couldn’t stop watching and really hoped that it was a drama because I wanted more! The ending is sort of unexplained and there’s a random character that brings humour but also a bit of confusion (the runner); however, it’s certainly worth watching if you’re fans of the actors/actresses or love romantic comedies!

I’d rate this 8.5/10 🙂

But yeah, I’ve got exams tomorrow so I’m gonna go ^^’ Enjoy!


Song of the Post ~ Insensible by Lee Hongki (off his solo mini-album!)


Emergency Couple [Review] November 30, 2014

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Hey there 🙂 Here’s my review for the 2014 drama starring Song Jihyo and Choi Jinhyuk called Emergency Couple 🙂

Basically, the two main characters (Oh Changmin and Oh Jinhee) used to be married, but got divorced. It was a pretty nasty scene before they divorced; but they got it over and done with, and they’d practically forgotten about each other. Now after a fateful meeting at a friend’s wedding, they met once more. But that’s not the only fateful meeting; the next is in the hospital, where the next 15 episodes take place. Turns out they’re gonna have to work with each other as interns, or else they’ll all fail…

So how did I find out about this?

Well, I think I was watching Running Man (or something like that) when they announced that Jihyo would be in this new drama. Since it was new, I didn’t want to watch it (I would rather wait for it to finish so I can watch it all at once). Then my friend told me to watch it, so I decided; well okay, maybe I’ll give it a try.

I re-downloaded Viki onto my iPod touch and started watching it.

And let me tell you, I could NOT stop watching! It’s like every single Korean drama, if it’s good then you’ll want to watch it all at once. It was kinda the same thing in every episode, but the love story grows in the background and pulls you in.

This next bit might spoil it for you if you haven’t watched it. So I’m just gonna put it right here: *SPOILER ALERT* (it’s not as serious as it may seem)

So obviously with every drama there’s gonna be something I don’t like. So for this drama, what I don’t like is how Changmin wants them to get back together, and when he fails, Jinhee wants them to get back together (whilst Changmin doesn’t). That bit of the drama takes up some time and it doesn’t really do anything for me.

Either way, this is definitely a drama I recommend; especially for anyone who is interested in Medicine! They use so many medical terms that it’s difficult to catch them all; so I’m slowly ploughing through, writing down each disease and condition, and doing my own research on it. See, K-Dramas can be very educational 🙂

Thanks for reading, I hope this was helpful to you (in whatever way!), and check back soon for more posts 🙂 Let me know if there’s anything you want me to write about, I’ll happily do it!


Song of the Post ~ Scent of a Flower by Choi Jinhyuk (EC OST)


Running Man! June 2, 2013

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It’s been a while, my lovely minions. I am happy to declare that it is officially summer! Well starting yesterday… But at least the weather is good! Another announcement is that my Senri Shiki fanfic has passed 10,000 reads, and the sequel is work in progress. I haven’t got round to my Mr Carter, but I will one day!
The main topic today is ……….
Running Man!!
I started it recently after watching Family Outing and it is so funny and addictive! It’s a shame there aren’t these kind of shows in America or Britain…
My favourite person is probably Kim Jong Kook. He’s handsome and strong, and his voice is so angelic… Second to him is Gary, then Kwangsoo (oh how he cracks me up!), Jaesuk, Joongki and it goes on. I’m only on episode 37 though! I also love Haha and his little boy plush. It’s so cute >___<
I've been watching it on Dailymotion and might I just say that iSubs is the best subbing group I have ever heard of! Apart from Dattebayo that is.
Meanwhile, I am watching Naruto Shippuden (currently on episode 90) and can you believe it??? Vampire Knight has ended! Well I guess it was a good place to stop. I was getting quite confused about what was happening, but I'm glad Hino Matsuri drew it and it became a part of my life! I might be going to Japan in the summer holidays, depending on my sister. If I do go I will come back with a hoard of books I can't read!
I hope you are all doing well with your exams and stuff. Enjoy the weather while it lasts! Here's a picture of the Running Man cast and a piece of fan art below.


That’s all from me! We have been reunited after a long time…
Song of The Post – One Man by Kim Kong Kook ❤
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Random talk September 28, 2012

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Oh my goodness gracious me! More than two thousand reads on Sirius has to die is what Draco says! I know it sounds cheesy but I’m so proud of it… It’s such a nice feeling when people read your stories ^_~ I think Wattpad is amazing… To show the world your inner beauty! Haha, I was joking. 🙂
I finished reading Stormbreaker and watched the film 😍 Alex Pettyfer is so bloody hot!! Almost finished Vampire Knight which is very saddening 😨 I do hope Zero and Yuki get together. Hate you Kaname. Sorry for my strong opinion but really! Why Kaname, why!?!?! By the way I am reading the manga, I have finished the anime – ages ago! In fact I was watching it during exam time whoooooops… Should I share a picture??

It’s LaLa magazine! ❤❤❤ don’t actually read it but the fact that Kaichou wa Maid-sama and Vampire Knight are in it is Amazing! Except Fairy Tail isn’t in it but what do you expect??
Moving on, my hair keeps getting greasy! I don’t have time to wash it but still… Can’t you wait a little?? Earlier this month I scraped my hand on my bicycle gear (BY ACCIDENT – not) it was my enemy’s fault. She told me to put my right hand on my left handlebar and just when I swerved I jerked my hand back, causing it to scrape on the sharp gear. There was a layer of moist fat which I didn’t dare to touch. It’s mainly cleared up now, just a scar left. 🙂
Let’s wrap things up. I want to go to sleep now!
Song of the Post – Arigato ~ookiku kansha~ by Guardians 4 (Shugo Chara Dokki Doki last op)
P.s who finds shugo chara pucchi puchi sooooooo cute????


Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do February 29, 2012

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Hey! Do re mi fa so la ti do is a Korean film that came out in 2008. It consists of Jang Geun Suk, and Jung Eui Chul. My favourite is Jung Eui Chul, because he is really hot! The main synopsis is about a girl called Jung Won. She finds out that a boy called Eun Gyu moves in next to her. Then she finds out Eun Gyu is friends with Hee Won, an ex-best friend. They used to be very close, but because Jung Won did something ten years before, they hated each other. I think they should get together!! Lol!


Dream High

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Dream high consists of Suzy, Taecyeon, IU, Wooyoung, Ham Eun Jung and Kim Soo-hyun. These are well known people!!
Six students at Kirin Art High School work to achieve their dreams of becoming stars in the Korean music industry. During the drama, the students learn how to develop their singing, songwriting and dancing skills while also undergoing personal growth. Each one of the students has his or her own strengths and weaknesses, but with the support and guidance of each other, they strive to debut on stage.
(This drama has a sequel, and my favourite person is definitely JB!



Drama drama drama Korean drama drama drama Korean….. February 9, 2012

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SO…. Hi everyone! BACK INTO You’re Beautiful! At first, I thought it was quite incest? But now… I realise again that I was wrong. It leaves so many heartbroken hearts! And there are so many awkward moments…. GO MI NAM! GO MI NAM! A.N.JELL! A.N.JELL! JEREMY! JEREMY! YAY! And don’t forget the very strange and awkward MANAGER MA! Ya! Don’t have much time to watch though, because I have a stupid History Essay I haven’t finished.
I also love Dream High! I will have a post on Dream High with more info for you! The main plot is Hye Mi is accepted into Kirin Art School even though she failed the audition. The rest… I’ll let you see for yourself!!!
Thanks for reading x
Song of the Post – 드림하이 – Dream High cast