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Stardoll…! May 28, 2014

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I recently got back into playing Stardoll! It’s long been my childhood favourite, but now I’m serious about it. My Stardoll is based on Tsubaki Kuroda from Searching for Senri Shiki and OMG it made me want to write Senri Shiki again! Unfortunately, it’s finished for good, and all I can do now is write a fan fiction for Sayori and Kojiro… Ah well. Here’s a link to Stardoll, even though you can search it up on Google!

<a href=”http://www.stardoll.com/en/&#8221; target=”_blank”>dress up dolls</a>

When I was younger I don’t think they had the option to have a MeDoll, and I often just spent time dressing up celebrities. Now I am serious about making a nice suite that is completely based on Searching for Senri Shiki. I might even make a Stardoll account for Senri Shiki! But actually, they don’t have maroon coloured hair, or nonchalant faces… Maybe I should stick to girls…

I would include a photo here, but I’m kinda in a rush. I’m on half-term, but I’m still busy busy busy! Piano and violin grade 8 exams are coming up, and my final Mandarin GCSE is just round the corner. I will work hard~ ganbarimasu!


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