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Raging Heart March 26, 2016

Hi all 🙂

I had a suuuuper long post written to post for someone but I realised that perhaps it was a bit too personal to post online, so I’m going to analyse song lyrics instead.

This one is Raging Heart (a.k.a. My Heart is Cursing or 가슴이 욕해) by Kim Dong Wook, from the Korean series You’re Beautiful (which I’ve recently rewatched for the 5th time… ^^’)

Lyrics were taken from http://lulutnilot.blogspot.co.uk/ – I take no credit for the translation and do check them out 🙂

I always seem to find lyrics that I can relate to – it’s a really good feeling because you suddenly feel a connection with the singer, almost as if you’re not alone when you say you like someone. This song would always play during sad, intense moments in the drama, and at the beginning it would always make me cry. I’d never seen the lyrics translated till now so it was amazing to see how relatable they were.


“Smile more often, so that with your happy smile I can calm my heart from constantly looking at you.”

Sometimes, I glance at you. Those glances often turn into stares. Your smile is different to everyone elses – not because you have a different mouth but because it means more to me.

“Smile more often, so that the world will be jealous of you. Then my heart, which is constantly calling you, wouldn’t turn greedy anymore.”

I’m already jealous when you’re with others, so perhaps smiling more isn’t the solution… but my heart does call for you. It’s greedy for sure. It’s been calling you for more than a year now – I wonder when you’ll hear?

“My heart is cursing because it can’t say ‘I love you’. Tears burst and my yearning is flowing and flowing… the sad words that are stuck in my throat like a thorn are roaming around my ear all day.”

I’m really scared of rejection. Even if you ignore the fact that I like you, my intentions are always to please and to be appreciated – however obnoxious or narcissistic it may sound. I don’t tend to cry because of you, because you bring more happiness than sadness. I don’t tend to cry much anyway – it’s only when I watch films/dramas or someone shouts at me that tears begin to prick at my eyes. The sad words stuck in my throat really are like thorns… they hurt.

“Why does it have to be you? Why did I end up loving you? Even if I am shaking my head, even if I try to deny it, now I can’t let go of you.”

Yeah – why does it have to be you? Why not someone else? I know why I ended up liking you, because due to certain circumstances we ended up in places closer than I ever would’ve imagined. If you asked me whether I loved you or not, I would probably say no. Cause I’m like that.

“I love you, I love you forever… even if you aren’t looking at me.”

Sometimes I do feel that you’re looking at me. But that being said, I am overly delusional and do enjoy a good bit of fantasising (no r-rated stuff don’t worry), so I could be biased…

“You wouldn’t know even if I called you thousands of times. You wouldn’t know even if I wait at the same place. Like a fool I just look at you, this foolish love. You don’t know, no matter how much I call you.”

That’s very true. You only see me as a friend and there’s no reason for you to see otherwise – I don’t make it terribly obvious that I like you, at least I think I don’t… I’m a fool, for continuing this for so long despite the pain. Well you know what? I came to the conclusion long ago that the pain I got from being near you was more bearable than the pain being without you – and even though it might hurt, the happiness outweighs it by much more.


In conclusion… well I don’t know really. There isn’t a conclusion to this because there isn’t an end. I can temporarily stop liking you but we all know that in years to come, you’ll still be the person I remember as sweet, funny, pretty, loveable, clever and so much more… This was more of a ‘write down your thoughts’ post. If you have anything to say in response, I’d love to hear your thoughts too 🙂


Song of the Post ~ You Are My Spring by Sung Sikyung (Secret Garden OST)


5 Seconds of Summer – Jet Black Heart [LYRICS + LINK] August 27, 2015

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Hello there 🙂

I bring you another link! Click below for this song:


Skip the ad, right click on the song, save as – DONE.

Jet Black Heart – 5 Seconds of Summer

[Verse 1] [Michael]

Everybody’s got their demons

Even wide awake or dreaming

I’m the one who ends up leaving, make it okay

See a war I wanna fight it

See a match I wanna strike it

Every fire I’ve ignited, fade it to grey

[Pre-chorus] [Michael]

But now that I’m broken

Now that you know it

Caught up in the moment

Can you see inside?

[Chorus] [Michael]

Cause I’ve, got a jet black heart

And there’s a hurricane underneath it

Trying to keep us, apart

I write with the poison pen,

But these chemicals moving between us

Are the reason to start again

[Verse 2] [Luke]

Now I’m holding on for dear life

There’s no way that we can rewind

Maybe there’s nothing after midnight

That could make you stay

[Pre-chorus] [Luke]

But now that I’m broken

And now that you know it

Caught up in the moment

Can you see inside?

[Chorus] [Luke]

Cause I’ve, got a jet black heart

And there’s a hurricane underneath it

Trying to keep us, apart

I write with the poison pen,

But these chemicals moving between us

Are the reason to start again

(Woah-oh woah-oh)

[Bridge] [Calum]

The blood in my veins is made up of mistakes

Let’s forget who we are and dive in to the dark

As we burst into colour

We turn into life

[Chorus] [Michael]

Cause I’ve, got a jet black heart

And there’s a hurricane underneath it

Trying to keep us, apart

I write with the poison pen,

But these chemicals moving between us

Are the reason to start again

(The blood in my veins is made up of mistakes) To start again

(Let’s forget who we are and dive into the dark)


Song of the Post ~ Jet Black Heart by 5SOS…


Almost December! November 30, 2014

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Hello friends… 🙂

2014 has gone past so quickly! It started for me, with a birthday party, then school starting again, my birthday, end of year examinations (which I was pretty happy with), Chinese GCSE, fun end of year memories, piano exam, a summer holiday of travelling around England and Scotland, back to school for a new year, violin exam, anger issues, and then we arrive where we are now; 14 days till I go on holiday and 32 days till 2015!

I’m really happy to see that my video (found here: http://youtu.be/3QkXOKf7_CM) now has 300 likes and 45,000 views! And my stories on Wattpad are doing well, but my likes are slowly changing and I’m pretty sure 90% of my followers are anime lovers… not 5SOS lovers… haha 😀 ‘Senri Shiki My Forbidden Vampire Knight’ (http://www.wattpad.com/story/1704260-senri-shiki-my-forbidden-vampire-knight) now has 47,000 reads *cheer* and overall I’ve got around 1200 votes. When I joined in 2009, I didn’t really expect that, I was just a kid trying to be cool and using inspiration from the many books she read to write her own. Now that book knowledge is just part of my writing. I don’t try anymore, I just write; if I have the inspiration, I will write and write till my eyes droop!

Speaking of 5SOS, I’m happy to say I will be seeing them in approximately 195 days. Exciting, right? Since my last blog post, I haven’t watched any more anime, but I’m not watching that many 5SOS videos either. I’ve watched ‘Emergency Couple’ and ‘Heirs’, and am currently watching Modern Farmer (yay :D). Maybe I can do some reviews of these three dramas, they were/are so good and I enjoyed every minute of them! Today I just received another poster of 5SOS from my ‘friend’, and it’s happily stuck on another wall. My 5SOS wall is too full for anything else, I’m going to have to expand!

So in two weeks time, I’ll be in China 😀 Last time I went was last April, so I’m happy to be seeing family and friends again. I also look forward to buying cheap and pretty stationary… hehehe >:D Lots of my cousins have babies now, so I will be able to take cute selfies with them and watch them grow up! It’s a shame that one of my close adult friends won’t be there, but I’m sure the trip will be just as fun 🙂 Let me know what you’re doing for Christmas!

I’ll keep this short-ish, and end here! I know hardly anyone reads these blog posts but if you are reading, do leave a comment, I want to know if I’m appealing to anyone 🙂 If you want, you can follow me on Twitter: @kekobe or @sophia_cake_23 Instagram: senserstarshine YouTube: senserstarshine Wattpad: senserstarshine and if you want my IM usernames, you can ask 🙂

Thanks for reading!!


Song of the Post ~ Long Way Home (acoustic) by 5 Seconds of Summer


40,000 Reads!! August 28, 2014

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Hey peeps!

It’s been a while, as usual. I have been up to no good again, and have entered a new fandom!

The 5SOS fandom…! 

It started not long ago, but I am already 100% obsessed  in their music, their Keeks, and of course – the people. I think they are all so talented – c’mon, they play instruments!! And I know, loads of people play instruments in the music industry, but I really admire these four young men. In less than a month, I have accumulated a poster… a cd… drawings… music… and I have started two fanfictions – which I will not post on Wattpad – at least not till I think they’re somewhat good.

But this leads on nicely to the main point of this post – I have reached 40,000 reads on SSMFVK! It’s such a surprise for me – I recall last July, I had around 13,000 reads, 190 votes and 68 comments – then you compare that to the stats now – 40,000 reads, 600 votes and 100 comments! I wonder what has made it grow so much in the past year? Maybe anime had a growth spurt, which led to more people wanting to read fanfics…. which led to me getting 40,000 reads…

I must say, I feel rather guilty, because as soon as I started liking 5 Seconds of Summer, I gave up on the anime scene. I literally have not watched an episode since early July… I do want to go back to anime, but now I realised how much time it uses up – and how much I want to watch 5SOS instead. Maybe when I go back to school, it will change. You never know. Maybe my love for 5SOS will die down, and I will go back to anime!

I have pre-ordered 5SOS’s book, which I am very happy about. It won’t arrive till October, but even so, I am glad that I have determined its delivery. ^o^ I wonder if anyone wants to see my drawings… well, they’re not masterpieces, they’re just half-heartedly drawn pictures that fill up space on my wall. I don’t like seeing empty walls. 

And one more thing, I have entered the competition to win tickets for the iTunes Festival, to see 5SOS. It’s highly unlikely that I will win – the Roundhouse can only seat around 3,300. Think about how many tens of thousands of fans want those tickets! If I win, I will be the happiest girl alive. C’mon, I already have the journey all planned out. I can’t do anything else to boost my chances, but just hope, wish and pray!

Thanks for reading this post, hope you enjoyed it! And if you have time, do check out my Wattpad – http://www.wattpad.com/user/Senserstarshine – and YouTube, if you like! – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMv6S-qVZL-_Rz-zRN3t-8A – Thank you!


Song of the Post ~ Hearts Upon Our Sleeve by 5 Seconds of Summer and Scott Mills


Ailee – I’ll Show You October 17, 2012

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Long time no see.. Hope you are doing well!
Ailee comes back with an awesome, catchy song called I’ll Show You, featuring the HAWTTT G.O from MBLAQ! It’s very upbeat and pretty addictive… #^_^#
After her first single Heaven (which is also AMAZING) she releases her first mini album called Invitation! I want to buy it but I really have no money at all… Plus my mum wouldn’t let me! She’ll say:
“Spend more time studying, not playing on your iPod and listening to useless music!”
I feel offended now. Poor Ailee.
So since Ailee has shown us her amazing dancing skills in Dream High 2, she decided to dance in this video, IN HEELS AND A TUBE DRESS WHICH BARELY COVERS HER BUTT! She’s so pretty but it’s kinda obvious she’s trying to impress the guys! Next thing we know she’ll be dating G.O… I hope so! Who thinks they’ll make a good couple?
Meanwhile, escaping the k-pop scene, I have been writing! In the process for updating chapter 20 =O of Absolute Star!! Maybe 10 more chapters to go! Who knows, only my hands will tell.
Here is a picture of Ailee working in progress!

Hope you enjoyed reading!
Song of the Post – (Mogen) Loop by Heidi (ending 2 of Kaichou wa Maid-sama
But listen to I’ll Show You as well! Then you’ll be showing everyone else! Lol.