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April Update April 5, 2015

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Heyyy 🙂

Spring has come upon us, we now have to wake up an hour earlier, and I’m feeling good!

Despite there being some unidentifiable feelings still shrouding my mind, I feel motivated and ready to learn. Well. We’ll see whether or not I actually stick to my timetable, but I really want to. I want to be fruitful in my studies – how ironic of me to say that whilst wasting my time blogging about it. Hehe.

So, since January, nothing much has happened.

I went to see ROOM94 in concert, at a venue near my house. It was my first ever concert and I spent it with someone really nice, so it was a great night. Maybe I damaged my ears, but even if I did, it would be worth it. I recorded as much of it as I could, and you can view the videos here…https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5_uypbSMXwDZaHaE2Os2BLuUJN_auGrd

My birthday passed (I had tonsilitis 😦 cry), and I received a nice sum of money. I didn’t want it, I really didn’t; and it made me cry accepting it, but I am grateful all the same! In fact, I broke down in tears when I got to school because of the money! Kinda crazy, right? Well. I calmed down after that.

Some friends had a feud and I was plopped right in the middle of it all. I tried to be helpful, but at the end of the day, people need to sort these things out by themselves. A hero (such as myself) will not always be there to help, especially if something serious were to happen.

I went to France (which was AMAZING) and realised that just by spending time with someone, you can learn so much about them. For example, my room-mate who I will call Shoo, is about five cup sizes bigger than mine, her taste in music is actually quite good (not that I ever doubted it… ;D), and we talked about an enormous range of things. We talked so much that at the end of the trip I wondered who I’d be able to ramble on to. I also adopted a new self, who I liked to call Fredrick. He’s pretty cool if ya ask me. Our host family was extremely nice to us and I really want to stay in touch!

In two days I’ll be going to another concert with someone not so nice – but anyway, it’ll be cool. And in another few days, I’ll be going to London for three days. I intend on visiting the Science museum (again) and eating restaurant food! I’ve started a couple of new stories, but I probably won’t upload them. They’re cool in my eyes but probs not in yours!

I’m having dreams about France, it’s really sad but I’ll get over it soon.

My update is now over 🙂 I have a super long post about France coming up soon, but that might take a rather long time ^^’ Ah well! Until then…


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New Year’s Update :) January 31, 2015

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So I know it’s basically already February but I’m terrible at posting blogs on time so bear with me!

Happy new year! Hope you’re finding 2015 good, I certainly am.

Well to be completely honest… I’m not that happy right now.  This morning I had a low moment when I was like ‘no one really likes me do they?’ and ‘I need to stop wasting time’ and ‘I JUST WANNA BE A DOCTOR, WHY DO I HAVE TO SUFFER SO MANY HARDSHIPS TO GET THERE?!’.


Ah well. I feel slightly better after having a violin lesson. Teared up when I entered my teacher’s house, it made me feel warm and safe and slightly nostalgic. Everyday is basically the same for me now. But yesterday I had a hard time at my piano teacher’s house. She made me  play the same parts again and again and blamed me for everything just cause she was ill. There was a section full of octaves and I have small hands, tiny muscles! It was so painful. She has no mercy >:/

I bought tickets to a band this morning, there’re coming to my local O2 Academy and the tickets were cheap so I was like WHY THE HECK NOT? I know shit about this band but I’m gonna at least make sure I can sing along to their songs! I also listened to FOB’s new album, which is amazingly catchy and enticing… can’t stop listening to The Kids Aren’t Alright. It’s been on replay throughout my low moments. Cause I’m a kid and I’m not alright!

I went to the library today, hoping to meet a friend. But they didn’t turn up, and I don’t know what it was. Maybe they were ill, maybe they were in hospital but it must’ve been something big cause they didn’t reply to any of my messages on Facebook, Kik, or phone! I was confused but did what I do best. Study…

It’s been a very long time since I watched Running Man but I watched a couple of episodes recently. They are so long, so I feel like I’m giving up too much for it. Meanwhile, SSMFVK is almost at 1K votes!!! This is very exciting for me. To think that when I started the story, I forgot so many times what Senri’s name was. To think that when I started the story, I was a naive teen who was trying to be a cool kid on the internet. Well now, I’m not trying to do anything – hell, I don’t even watch anime anymore, but people are enjoying it. And that makes me happy! (temporarily.)

I’m spending way too much money. I need to stop. SOMEONE STOP ME.

So there, I’ve blurted out all of my feelings. But I still have the burning urgency to talk to someone. I need to tell someone all my feelings, rant on about everything to them. Since there’s no one like that around, I guess I’ll be holding it in till I explode. It’s probably gonna happen some time soon, so someone! Talk to me! I don’t wanna be another social casualty LADADA LADADA DA DA

I’m gonna go back to writing cake and earning giftcards by doing surveys. It’s pretty fun. (despite the fact that I have an English essay due in four days and I haven’t even started.)



Song of the Post ~ The Kids Aren’t Alright by FOB

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Emergency Couple [Review] November 30, 2014

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Hey there 🙂 Here’s my review for the 2014 drama starring Song Jihyo and Choi Jinhyuk called Emergency Couple 🙂

Basically, the two main characters (Oh Changmin and Oh Jinhee) used to be married, but got divorced. It was a pretty nasty scene before they divorced; but they got it over and done with, and they’d practically forgotten about each other. Now after a fateful meeting at a friend’s wedding, they met once more. But that’s not the only fateful meeting; the next is in the hospital, where the next 15 episodes take place. Turns out they’re gonna have to work with each other as interns, or else they’ll all fail…

So how did I find out about this?

Well, I think I was watching Running Man (or something like that) when they announced that Jihyo would be in this new drama. Since it was new, I didn’t want to watch it (I would rather wait for it to finish so I can watch it all at once). Then my friend told me to watch it, so I decided; well okay, maybe I’ll give it a try.

I re-downloaded Viki onto my iPod touch and started watching it.

And let me tell you, I could NOT stop watching! It’s like every single Korean drama, if it’s good then you’ll want to watch it all at once. It was kinda the same thing in every episode, but the love story grows in the background and pulls you in.

This next bit might spoil it for you if you haven’t watched it. So I’m just gonna put it right here: *SPOILER ALERT* (it’s not as serious as it may seem)

So obviously with every drama there’s gonna be something I don’t like. So for this drama, what I don’t like is how Changmin wants them to get back together, and when he fails, Jinhee wants them to get back together (whilst Changmin doesn’t). That bit of the drama takes up some time and it doesn’t really do anything for me.

Either way, this is definitely a drama I recommend; especially for anyone who is interested in Medicine! They use so many medical terms that it’s difficult to catch them all; so I’m slowly ploughing through, writing down each disease and condition, and doing my own research on it. See, K-Dramas can be very educational 🙂

Thanks for reading, I hope this was helpful to you (in whatever way!), and check back soon for more posts 🙂 Let me know if there’s anything you want me to write about, I’ll happily do it!


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Almost December!

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Hello friends… 🙂

2014 has gone past so quickly! It started for me, with a birthday party, then school starting again, my birthday, end of year examinations (which I was pretty happy with), Chinese GCSE, fun end of year memories, piano exam, a summer holiday of travelling around England and Scotland, back to school for a new year, violin exam, anger issues, and then we arrive where we are now; 14 days till I go on holiday and 32 days till 2015!

I’m really happy to see that my video (found here: http://youtu.be/3QkXOKf7_CM) now has 300 likes and 45,000 views! And my stories on Wattpad are doing well, but my likes are slowly changing and I’m pretty sure 90% of my followers are anime lovers… not 5SOS lovers… haha 😀 ‘Senri Shiki My Forbidden Vampire Knight’ (http://www.wattpad.com/story/1704260-senri-shiki-my-forbidden-vampire-knight) now has 47,000 reads *cheer* and overall I’ve got around 1200 votes. When I joined in 2009, I didn’t really expect that, I was just a kid trying to be cool and using inspiration from the many books she read to write her own. Now that book knowledge is just part of my writing. I don’t try anymore, I just write; if I have the inspiration, I will write and write till my eyes droop!

Speaking of 5SOS, I’m happy to say I will be seeing them in approximately 195 days. Exciting, right? Since my last blog post, I haven’t watched any more anime, but I’m not watching that many 5SOS videos either. I’ve watched ‘Emergency Couple’ and ‘Heirs’, and am currently watching Modern Farmer (yay :D). Maybe I can do some reviews of these three dramas, they were/are so good and I enjoyed every minute of them! Today I just received another poster of 5SOS from my ‘friend’, and it’s happily stuck on another wall. My 5SOS wall is too full for anything else, I’m going to have to expand!

So in two weeks time, I’ll be in China 😀 Last time I went was last April, so I’m happy to be seeing family and friends again. I also look forward to buying cheap and pretty stationary… hehehe >:D Lots of my cousins have babies now, so I will be able to take cute selfies with them and watch them grow up! It’s a shame that one of my close adult friends won’t be there, but I’m sure the trip will be just as fun 🙂 Let me know what you’re doing for Christmas!

I’ll keep this short-ish, and end here! I know hardly anyone reads these blog posts but if you are reading, do leave a comment, I want to know if I’m appealing to anyone 🙂 If you want, you can follow me on Twitter: @kekobe or @sophia_cake_23 Instagram: senserstarshine YouTube: senserstarshine Wattpad: senserstarshine and if you want my IM usernames, you can ask 🙂

Thanks for reading!!


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40,000 Reads!! August 28, 2014

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Hey peeps!

It’s been a while, as usual. I have been up to no good again, and have entered a new fandom!

The 5SOS fandom…! 

It started not long ago, but I am already 100% obsessed  in their music, their Keeks, and of course – the people. I think they are all so talented – c’mon, they play instruments!! And I know, loads of people play instruments in the music industry, but I really admire these four young men. In less than a month, I have accumulated a poster… a cd… drawings… music… and I have started two fanfictions – which I will not post on Wattpad – at least not till I think they’re somewhat good.

But this leads on nicely to the main point of this post – I have reached 40,000 reads on SSMFVK! It’s such a surprise for me – I recall last July, I had around 13,000 reads, 190 votes and 68 comments – then you compare that to the stats now – 40,000 reads, 600 votes and 100 comments! I wonder what has made it grow so much in the past year? Maybe anime had a growth spurt, which led to more people wanting to read fanfics…. which led to me getting 40,000 reads…

I must say, I feel rather guilty, because as soon as I started liking 5 Seconds of Summer, I gave up on the anime scene. I literally have not watched an episode since early July… I do want to go back to anime, but now I realised how much time it uses up – and how much I want to watch 5SOS instead. Maybe when I go back to school, it will change. You never know. Maybe my love for 5SOS will die down, and I will go back to anime!

I have pre-ordered 5SOS’s book, which I am very happy about. It won’t arrive till October, but even so, I am glad that I have determined its delivery. ^o^ I wonder if anyone wants to see my drawings… well, they’re not masterpieces, they’re just half-heartedly drawn pictures that fill up space on my wall. I don’t like seeing empty walls. 

And one more thing, I have entered the competition to win tickets for the iTunes Festival, to see 5SOS. It’s highly unlikely that I will win – the Roundhouse can only seat around 3,300. Think about how many tens of thousands of fans want those tickets! If I win, I will be the happiest girl alive. C’mon, I already have the journey all planned out. I can’t do anything else to boost my chances, but just hope, wish and pray!

Thanks for reading this post, hope you enjoyed it! And if you have time, do check out my Wattpad – http://www.wattpad.com/user/Senserstarshine – and YouTube, if you like! – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMv6S-qVZL-_Rz-zRN3t-8A – Thank you!


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Stardoll…! May 28, 2014

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I recently got back into playing Stardoll! It’s long been my childhood favourite, but now I’m serious about it. My Stardoll is based on Tsubaki Kuroda from Searching for Senri Shiki and OMG it made me want to write Senri Shiki again! Unfortunately, it’s finished for good, and all I can do now is write a fan fiction for Sayori and Kojiro… Ah well. Here’s a link to Stardoll, even though you can search it up on Google!

<a href=”http://www.stardoll.com/en/&#8221; target=”_blank”>dress up dolls</a>

When I was younger I don’t think they had the option to have a MeDoll, and I often just spent time dressing up celebrities. Now I am serious about making a nice suite that is completely based on Searching for Senri Shiki. I might even make a Stardoll account for Senri Shiki! But actually, they don’t have maroon coloured hair, or nonchalant faces… Maybe I should stick to girls…

I would include a photo here, but I’m kinda in a rush. I’m on half-term, but I’m still busy busy busy! Piano and violin grade 8 exams are coming up, and my final Mandarin GCSE is just round the corner. I will work hard~ ganbarimasu!


Song of the Post ~ You Might Be The One by Greyson Chance (swoon)


Updated ‘For Better, For Worse’ May 24, 2014


It’s almost summer… yay! That means writing, writing and more writing for me. I need to make up for all the time lost due to school and homework… so expect some cool stuff coming your way! As it’s reaching summer, I realise how quickly time goes by. Soon enough, it’ll be Christmas… then 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018… And in a few decades time, I’ll probably have a job and a boyfriend. Sorry, emotional moment there.

Back on topic, I made some relatively cool things to go with ‘For Better, For Worse’, my recent work. If you haven’t checked it out, go ahead! I’m not sure if you’ll like it 😛 But I enjoy writing it, that’s for sure. Here are some photos!Image


The first picture isn’t a cover – no, I wouldn’t make the cover like that – but it has the three main characters! And the one just above was a publisher document which I cleverly saved as a JPEG 😀 I was so happy when it worked, haha 😀 So as you can see, I included some of my drawings along with the celebrities. I have no idea how I found Meisa Kuroki, but she’s awesome!!

I recently had exams and I didn’t do too badly – the thing is, everything got over 80 except for maths, which scraped off a 64%… terrible of me… I’m sort of happy but I need to patch up my maths before GCSE! I also had Mandarin GCSE speaking and listening, and my reading/writing will be in the beginning of June. Scary…

That’s all for today! Anime is doing well, I started ‘The World is Still Beautiful’ which is amazing, might I just say. And a creepyish J-drama called ‘I’m Mita, your Housekeeper’. Fun times…

See you next time, whenever that may be!


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