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Big [Korean Drama Review] November 13, 2016

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Hi guys! It’s been a long time but I return with another review of a drama I finished recently. There aren’t any major spoilers in this post so if you haven’t watched it yet, you’re safe to keep reading; it’s called Big and features these actors/actresses!

Gong Yoo – a fabulous actor who has been in dramas such as Coffee Prince, and is pretty attractive for his age! Seo Yoonjae/Kang Kyungjoon

Lee Minjung – an actress who is incredibly beautiful and has been in dramas like Wonderful Radio and also Boys Over Flowers! Gil Daran

Shin Wonho – an actor who doesn’t get enough scenes in the drama… He’s part of Cross Gene, a group that is pretty multicultural (if that’s the right term to use…) Kang Kyungjoon/Seo Yoonjae

Bae Suzy – I personally am a big fan of Suzy and her acting in this is great. She was also in Dream High! Mari

Baek Sunghyun – probably my personal favourite XD He was recently in Doctors! Gil Choongshik

Let’s move onto the plot now – I’d say the storyline is pretty typical, as it’s about a kid switching bodies with an adult and falling in love with the adult’s lover. Obviously, it’s a lot more complicated than that but it’s certainly a pleasure to watch.

Kang Kyungjoon is a transfer student at the high school Gil Daran has just started teaching at. Gil Daran has a brother called Gil Choongshik, and is soon to be married to Seo Yoonjae, a man she met at a wedding. Then, as a result of an accident between Kyungjoon and Yoonjae, their souls end up switching – all because of a certain miracle…

I loved each character a lot, because they were all different and Gong Yoo’s acting was so superb – he really portrayed Kang Kyungjoon very well. He had very good chemistry with Lee Minjung too, which is always great to see – it sort of reminds me of Secret Garden’s Kim Joowon and Gil Raim, whose chemistry on the screen was truly exceptional!

The only down side to this drama was probably the questions it left hanging at the end. I won’t go into detail about them but certainly, I didn’t find the ending particularly satisfactory (but when are Korean Drama endings ever? Actually, I take that back. [She Was Pretty] had a very good ending!).

That’s my review done – I know it’s short but I have a couple more I want to write. I’ll leave it there!

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Hot Young Bloods [Review] January 5, 2016

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I now present… another review! Yippee…!


This one is called Hot Young Bloods and it’s a Korean romantic comedy (the best genre!) film set in the 1980s. I found it special because it’s not just your typical high school film; well it kinda is, but there’s history involved too. It revolves around delinquency and love, and touching other people’s girlfriends. A lotta testosterone in these guys, I’m telling you.

The cast includes:

Lee Jong Suk (my favourite!) – previously in Pinocchio, Doctor Stranger, I Can Hear Your Voice

Park Bo Young – previously in Werewolf Boy, Oh My Ghostess

Kim Young Kwang – previously in Pinocchio, D-Day

Lee Se Young – previously in Adolescence Medley, Horror Stories 2

I haven’t included many spoilers, so it’s a little bit brief.

The main plot: Yeongsook is a feared leader of a female gang, and supposed girlfriend of Kwangsik, who is the feared leader of the male gang at a rival school. Although Yeongsook acts very tough, she actually has a crush on the school playboy, Joonggil, but he’s pursuing a transfer student who isn’t actually who she appears to be. Joonggil is afraid of Kwangsik, so doesn’t pursue Yeongsook, but still often gets beaten up by him.

The film teaches us about relationships and feelings; but mainly it’s just fun to watch. I couldn’t stop watching and really hoped that it was a drama because I wanted more! The ending is sort of unexplained and there’s a random character that brings humour but also a bit of confusion (the runner); however, it’s certainly worth watching if you’re fans of the actors/actresses or love romantic comedies!

I’d rate this 8.5/10 🙂

But yeah, I’ve got exams tomorrow so I’m gonna go ^^’ Enjoy!


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