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Big [Korean Drama Review] November 13, 2016

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Hi guys! It’s been a long time but I return with another review of a drama I finished recently. There aren’t any major spoilers in this post so if you haven’t watched it yet, you’re safe to keep reading; it’s called Big and features these actors/actresses!

Gong Yoo – a fabulous actor who has been in dramas such as Coffee Prince, and is pretty attractive for his age! Seo Yoonjae/Kang Kyungjoon

Lee Minjung – an actress who is incredibly beautiful and has been in dramas like Wonderful Radio and also Boys Over Flowers! Gil Daran

Shin Wonho – an actor who doesn’t get enough scenes in the drama… He’s part of Cross Gene, a group that is pretty multicultural (if that’s the right term to use…) Kang Kyungjoon/Seo Yoonjae

Bae Suzy – I personally am a big fan of Suzy and her acting in this is great. She was also in Dream High! Mari

Baek Sunghyun – probably my personal favourite XD He was recently in Doctors! Gil Choongshik

Let’s move onto the plot now – I’d say the storyline is pretty typical, as it’s about a kid switching bodies with an adult and falling in love with the adult’s lover. Obviously, it’s a lot more complicated than that but it’s certainly a pleasure to watch.

Kang Kyungjoon is a transfer student at the high school Gil Daran has just started teaching at. Gil Daran has a brother called Gil Choongshik, and is soon to be married to Seo Yoonjae, a man she met at a wedding. Then, as a result of an accident between Kyungjoon and Yoonjae, their souls end up switching – all because of a certain miracle…

I loved each character a lot, because they were all different and Gong Yoo’s acting was so superb – he really portrayed Kang Kyungjoon very well. He had very good chemistry with Lee Minjung too, which is always great to see – it sort of reminds me of Secret Garden’s Kim Joowon and Gil Raim, whose chemistry on the screen was truly exceptional!

The only down side to this drama was probably the questions it left hanging at the end. I won’t go into detail about them but certainly, I didn’t find the ending particularly satisfactory (but when are Korean Drama endings ever? Actually, I take that back. [She Was Pretty] had a very good ending!).

That’s my review done – I know it’s short but I have a couple more I want to write. I’ll leave it there!

Wisdomstar123 ~ making life wisdomy and starry (why do I still use that? omg)

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Raging Heart March 26, 2016

Hi all 🙂

I had a suuuuper long post written to post for someone but I realised that perhaps it was a bit too personal to post online, so I’m going to analyse song lyrics instead.

This one is Raging Heart (a.k.a. My Heart is Cursing or 가슴이 욕해) by Kim Dong Wook, from the Korean series You’re Beautiful (which I’ve recently rewatched for the 5th time… ^^’)

Lyrics were taken from http://lulutnilot.blogspot.co.uk/ – I take no credit for the translation and do check them out 🙂

I always seem to find lyrics that I can relate to – it’s a really good feeling because you suddenly feel a connection with the singer, almost as if you’re not alone when you say you like someone. This song would always play during sad, intense moments in the drama, and at the beginning it would always make me cry. I’d never seen the lyrics translated till now so it was amazing to see how relatable they were.


“Smile more often, so that with your happy smile I can calm my heart from constantly looking at you.”

Sometimes, I glance at you. Those glances often turn into stares. Your smile is different to everyone elses – not because you have a different mouth but because it means more to me.

“Smile more often, so that the world will be jealous of you. Then my heart, which is constantly calling you, wouldn’t turn greedy anymore.”

I’m already jealous when you’re with others, so perhaps smiling more isn’t the solution… but my heart does call for you. It’s greedy for sure. It’s been calling you for more than a year now – I wonder when you’ll hear?

“My heart is cursing because it can’t say ‘I love you’. Tears burst and my yearning is flowing and flowing… the sad words that are stuck in my throat like a thorn are roaming around my ear all day.”

I’m really scared of rejection. Even if you ignore the fact that I like you, my intentions are always to please and to be appreciated – however obnoxious or narcissistic it may sound. I don’t tend to cry because of you, because you bring more happiness than sadness. I don’t tend to cry much anyway – it’s only when I watch films/dramas or someone shouts at me that tears begin to prick at my eyes. The sad words stuck in my throat really are like thorns… they hurt.

“Why does it have to be you? Why did I end up loving you? Even if I am shaking my head, even if I try to deny it, now I can’t let go of you.”

Yeah – why does it have to be you? Why not someone else? I know why I ended up liking you, because due to certain circumstances we ended up in places closer than I ever would’ve imagined. If you asked me whether I loved you or not, I would probably say no. Cause I’m like that.

“I love you, I love you forever… even if you aren’t looking at me.”

Sometimes I do feel that you’re looking at me. But that being said, I am overly delusional and do enjoy a good bit of fantasising (no r-rated stuff don’t worry), so I could be biased…

“You wouldn’t know even if I called you thousands of times. You wouldn’t know even if I wait at the same place. Like a fool I just look at you, this foolish love. You don’t know, no matter how much I call you.”

That’s very true. You only see me as a friend and there’s no reason for you to see otherwise – I don’t make it terribly obvious that I like you, at least I think I don’t… I’m a fool, for continuing this for so long despite the pain. Well you know what? I came to the conclusion long ago that the pain I got from being near you was more bearable than the pain being without you – and even though it might hurt, the happiness outweighs it by much more.


In conclusion… well I don’t know really. There isn’t a conclusion to this because there isn’t an end. I can temporarily stop liking you but we all know that in years to come, you’ll still be the person I remember as sweet, funny, pretty, loveable, clever and so much more… This was more of a ‘write down your thoughts’ post. If you have anything to say in response, I’d love to hear your thoughts too 🙂


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Emergency Couple [Review] November 30, 2014

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Hey there 🙂 Here’s my review for the 2014 drama starring Song Jihyo and Choi Jinhyuk called Emergency Couple 🙂

Basically, the two main characters (Oh Changmin and Oh Jinhee) used to be married, but got divorced. It was a pretty nasty scene before they divorced; but they got it over and done with, and they’d practically forgotten about each other. Now after a fateful meeting at a friend’s wedding, they met once more. But that’s not the only fateful meeting; the next is in the hospital, where the next 15 episodes take place. Turns out they’re gonna have to work with each other as interns, or else they’ll all fail…

So how did I find out about this?

Well, I think I was watching Running Man (or something like that) when they announced that Jihyo would be in this new drama. Since it was new, I didn’t want to watch it (I would rather wait for it to finish so I can watch it all at once). Then my friend told me to watch it, so I decided; well okay, maybe I’ll give it a try.

I re-downloaded Viki onto my iPod touch and started watching it.

And let me tell you, I could NOT stop watching! It’s like every single Korean drama, if it’s good then you’ll want to watch it all at once. It was kinda the same thing in every episode, but the love story grows in the background and pulls you in.

This next bit might spoil it for you if you haven’t watched it. So I’m just gonna put it right here: *SPOILER ALERT* (it’s not as serious as it may seem)

So obviously with every drama there’s gonna be something I don’t like. So for this drama, what I don’t like is how Changmin wants them to get back together, and when he fails, Jinhee wants them to get back together (whilst Changmin doesn’t). That bit of the drama takes up some time and it doesn’t really do anything for me.

Either way, this is definitely a drama I recommend; especially for anyone who is interested in Medicine! They use so many medical terms that it’s difficult to catch them all; so I’m slowly ploughing through, writing down each disease and condition, and doing my own research on it. See, K-Dramas can be very educational 🙂

Thanks for reading, I hope this was helpful to you (in whatever way!), and check back soon for more posts 🙂 Let me know if there’s anything you want me to write about, I’ll happily do it!


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Drama drama drama Korean drama drama drama Korean….. February 9, 2012

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SO…. Hi everyone! BACK INTO You’re Beautiful! At first, I thought it was quite incest? But now… I realise again that I was wrong. It leaves so many heartbroken hearts! And there are so many awkward moments…. GO MI NAM! GO MI NAM! A.N.JELL! A.N.JELL! JEREMY! JEREMY! YAY! And don’t forget the very strange and awkward MANAGER MA! Ya! Don’t have much time to watch though, because I have a stupid History Essay I haven’t finished.
I also love Dream High! I will have a post on Dream High with more info for you! The main plot is Hye Mi is accepted into Kirin Art School even though she failed the audition. The rest… I’ll let you see for yourself!!!
Thanks for reading x
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